In the tranquil beauty of Lake Country, British Columbia, a unique convergence of art and science is blossoming. This is the home of Amani Craft, a family-owned micro-cultivation facility operated by a trio of Engineers committed to blending the meticulous mindset of engineering with the artisanal craft of small-batch cannabis cultivation.

All our products are grown, processed and packaged in the same micro-facility - Amani Craft is dedicated to delivering the freshest flower in the market. Each harvest undergoes a thorough process of hang drying, cold curing, hand trimming, hand sorting and hand packaging quality. Our products are NEVER irradiated.


Amani Crafts' cultivation facility is equipped with the latest technologies, including sensor-driven crop steering, full-spectrum LEDs, fully automated hydroponics, and condensate reclamation systems. Our rooms are each equipped with 11 sensors measuring light, temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide level, substrate electrical conductivity and substrate moisture content.

We use an automated hydroponic drip drain-to-waste system that was designed and built for one thing: consistency. Our irrigation control system features unlimited irrigation events down to the second. With a focus on substantiality, we have successfully reduced 40% of our water consumption by incorporating a condensate recirculation system that collects, treats and sterilizes the condensate runoff from our dehumidifiers and AC units.


We take immense pride in our work and seek to apply our
attention to detail and analytical approach to every part of the cultivation process from clone to finished flower. Our process adopts sensor-driven crop steering techniques that use real time sensor data to inform environmental and irrigation at specific stages to maximize the cannabinoid content and terpene profile of our crop.

Plants are whole plant hang-dried in optimal conditions for a minimum of two weeks before the finished flower is carefully hand-trimmed and hand-sorted. The hand-trimmed flower is immediately graded and stored in cold curing containers for a minimum of 14 days before being transferred directly into its final package to preserve precious fresh flower terpenes and provide optimal moisture content and cure.



(HH Secret Sauce x Apples & Bananas)

Sweet and sour green apple skin nose, dank peppery
diesel bursts through on the grind. Buds are very dense, medium-sized with stunning flashes of purple underneath a heavy outer layer of frost. A favorite for among medical consumers for its heavy-hitting, pain-relieving effects - Have a toke and let the body and mind heal.

THC range: 24-27%, Terpenes range: 3-4%


(Apples & Bananas x Grape Gasoline)

A pungent, complex aroma of sweet fermenting apples and bananas with a stinky sour grape gasoline. The forest green buds are medium to large, dense, and all calyx with dark purple hues. Expect euphoric effects that turn into relaxation over time – perfect for an afternoon. WARNING: Crack this open in a place where the terps can stick around!

THC range: 28-31%, Terpenes range: 4-6%


(Mai Tai #4 x Gusherz)

Rich, savory, earthy gas with the grind releasing a diesel-soaked oil rag aroma with notes of lemon menthol on the dry pull. All gasoline on the exhale. Large, dense, sticky buds are olive green with a traditional bud structure. Trust us, you might want to save this gal for the nighttime or lazy days.  

THC range: 31-33%, Terpenes range: 4-5%

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